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Happy Easter
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I want to wish all my friends, and all members on GBT a Happy Easter.

Love you guys.

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{Question based on my own experience) : Have any of you been at a party, BBQ, school function, etc., and found yourself being propostioned by that cute, good-looking, HOT STR8 guy who gets you aside and offers - - - "Dude, how about it right here? No one has to know. We can go right over there, you can kneel, I'll be look-out´╗┐....and I won't tell anyone!"

It's A Jordanism!
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There I was, trying out the Google Hangouts thing

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love thy neighbour, I know real life is not perfect, but I can give my love and loads of affection to all my friends on here, like Thomas, Joel, Chris, Mike,Billy, Jerrod, to name just a few, and Sam, and all the rest of you I love close to my heart

Happy Easter
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Happy Easter

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"Hello, anyone here?"

I'm coming home, coming back to my love, and find an empty place, seem to be deserted. I was wondering about the dark weird clouds covering this part of the world when I approached. I shout the names of some friends, but I got no reply. No one is here anymore, I feel lonely and look around. This is not my home anymore.

What happened to this place? What happened to our home?

I rewind the good times, I rewind the bad times. Looking backwards my memories of the good times are much more present. I had fun, I got hurt, I had friends, I lost friends, I felt home, I felt alone, but i found love. Love was all around, people took care, we had a big family. But now ... I feel dizzy, I shiver, I'm freezing.

This place is desolate, bleak, boring, loveless and dead. My heart is heavy, where is he? Frightened and uncertain my eyes try to find a sign of life, only a small sparkle of hope. A slightly cough comes from behind a corner, I look around and on a bench hidden behind a miserable dead tree I notice a creature taking a nervous puff of his cigarette. I come closer and he looks up to me.

"Hey Chris, you're back?" The voice sounds familiar, but this cannot be, I take another look and god help me, a pale and emaciated face is staring at me, I can hardly recognize him, one of my friends.

"You? God, what happened to you?"

"The war, it was like hell." He throws his cigarette careless behind. "Where have you been?"

"I was busy with studying and you know what happened the last time I was here, I needed some distance to fight with my demons, but it was only four weeks ago, this could not happen in such a short time."

"You have no idea, it started weeks before you left, first slowly, but the signs where all around and we ignored them."

"But how could it come so far?"

"First there were only some words, some guys changed arguments, they used hurtful words, they insulted and dissed, but it seemed to be harmless, it was fun between only a few guys, but innocent get involved, they caused suffering and pain, people get hurt, wounds and scars remained. Remember, you were hurt."

"Yes, I know, but they didn't want to hurt me, they were just joking and didn't think that their words could hurt me or anyone else, they were playing their own game."

"That's the point, they didn't look at the consequences, maybe it was only a game, but it turned into a battle and escalated into a war that no one could win."

"But there are so many good guys taking care, stopping the fights. There is you."

"Some of them were infected by the virus and started new fights themselves, some of our friends got unmasked and showed their real faces. It was horrible. I couldn't do anything, it was hopeless, I was helpless. Every day one of us capitulated or disappeared. I couldn't count the victims anymore, your boyfriend was the last. Wherever I fought against a fire, a hundred others kindled around me. I surrendered." His voice got tearful and he lights another cigarette. A few seconds ago I thought I can see a sparkle of hope in his eyes, but I am wrong, his eyes are starring expressionless to the other site of the place. He doesn't attend me anymore, he doesn't even notice me. He turned into one of them.

What have you done to this place? What have you done to our home?

The war of words washed away everything that meant a lot to me. The good ones are gone, some zombies and bullies stayed. Turning around and leaving, my steps are the only noises, silent echoes subside, the only trace left. I don't look back. A lonely tear searching its way down my cheek, I will miss this place, i will miss the last few friends I'm leaving. It was always good to come back home, but sometimes it's time to say goodbye, time for a new start.

A cold wind is blowing behind me, I turn up the collar, winter is coming. I hear steps in front of me, a shadow is coming closer. It's weird, I'm not scared, i feel save. My love. No word. Just one kiss and he takes my hand. Together we're leaving. The echoes of our steps disappear. Silent echoes. -CA-

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Billy I love you with all my heart

Happy easter
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Wishing my GBT family a Happy Easter! Now I'm going to put on my Easter bonnet and hunt for some eggs :)

This last week or so has been a difficult time. I have seen friendships shattered, relationships strained and friends now gone. And, in the public realm, I have remained relatively silent about all of it. Mostly because I do not believe in public actions to resolve private issues. And I have been chastiesed for that. So far as being blamed for not fighting for myself and expecting others to take the fight. There was no expectation of that, that was by you own choice and the counsequences of that are yours, not mine.

I have no place in my life for anger, spite, hate and revenge. They pollute the spirit and infect the heart. I believe that when there is conflict, it is best settled between those in coflict without the eyes, ears and mouths of others. At the same time, I realize that in that moment others were impacted and hurt. And I am sorry that happened to people. But being something I am not, nor do I choose to be would not have changed any of it.

For me, I believe there are lessons to be learned from what happened. Not for me to detail those, but more for each of us to reflect on our own and others actions and what they might tell us about ourselves and our community.

For me, this is now over. Joel and I have talked. We are both in a good place. We have established communication and a path forward for us and our relationship. I know some will be dissappointed or angry that I would choose that path. That is your choice. But in my life, as I said earlier, negativity does not have a place. It is necessary for me to find the positive path forward for me and those that touch my life.

I came to this site for porn. I discovered a liviing community made of of many diverse people. From different places, perspectives and cultures. And I have learned from many what life can and should be. And I am grateful for their sharing and kindness. It is time we all learned how to behave as a community, for some this is the place that they came to so that they could be safe and be themselves and may be the only place that they can feel that way. Let's try to insure we keep that alive.

DId it get removed? it keeps sending me somewhere else

Knocking On Glass
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recently been jamming with a few muscians in the area. And the guitarist is pretty damn hot guy. he is in his late teens. so i was asleep in bed last night when i heard this knocking on my bedroom windows, thinking it was some kids i just ignored it, until i heard my name, i looked out the window and their was the guitarist. i opened the door, and was like whats up. he basically drunk, fallen out with friends and had lost his phone and wallet, and needed somewhere to crash. so i let him in. we chatted and i said u can crash on the sofa. so he went to the living room and kind half passed out straightaway. i left him in the room, gave him a pillow and left him. about 10 mins goes by and he knocks on my bedroom door, and says ur fish tank pump is driving me mad, can i sleep on ur floor, i said, well u can sleep in my bed if u want. so there i was sharing a double bed with this hot late teen dude. he woke up at the night and went to the toilet, he came back to bed and removed his jeans and jacket, leaving him wearing boxes and a black tshirt. how i wanted just to turn and face him and kiss him, and reach for his package - wank him off or go down on him, oh the fantasies that went through my head! though i was well shattered today, it was worth it. cant help but wish i made a move...

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so wondering if anybody else has a fetish for midgets :) so also wondering if there are any gay sites that have gay midgets :) :) :)

I Love To Care
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Disabled uploads
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Hi guys on GBT,

I have disabled the feature to see my uploads, that is because there is an album that I don't want to be on the site anymore.

too bad is that i can't delete it, so there is no other option, than to do it like this.

I don't like it but there is no other option

Favorite 80s movie ?
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The Outsiders

A slice of humor
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Steve Buscemi
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Happy Easter Guys
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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner I always feel fat and horrible and sad after everytime I eat and drink something, other than water. Is everyone like this or is it just me

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

happy easter?
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Who believes in reincarnation? I do and wish to be a fleshlight in my next life lol.

SORRY .....
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The First Time You Had Sex
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Sex can be a magical moment in our lives.

For some, it may just be the need for that physical contact with another human being. You're horny and you want to get off. Masturbating doesn't feel all that appealing, so you seek out another person to share the experience with. Maybe it is someone you just met; maybe it is someone you have known for a long time. All that matters is being touched by hands other than your own. The feeling of having various parts of your body rubbed and massaged: your back, your chest, your legs...your raging boner (or as I like to call it, the "danger zone"). All you care about is feeling good...

For others, it may go beyond just the need for physical contact. It may be the need for an emotional connection... The need to fulfill that incredible desire to fall in love with someone. You don't want to just go out and have sex with every gay boy you meet; you want to find that special someone and spend the rest of your life with him. You want someone that you can lay down with in bed at night as you give him that special smile that you never give to anyone else. You want someone that you can make love to just for the sole purpose of expressing your undying love for him...

To put it simply: some people want to have sex just for the sole purpose of having sex while others prefer to make love to someone that they are deeply in love with.

Now, I want you to think back to the very first time you had sex.

Were you simply fulfilling the need for sex, or were you expressing your love for someone?

Was it someone you just met, or was it someone that you had known for a long time?

How old were you when it happened?

Where did it happen at? In a bedroom at home? The back seat of a car? In a boat, out on the lake, on a warm summer day? In a restroom at the mall? In front of a fireplace inside a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background?

How did you feel afterwards? Afraid? Sad? Embarrassed? Remorseful? Angry? Suicidal?

How did your partner feel afterwards? Did he spend the rest of the day/night with you or did he just get up and walk out?

Was your very first time an overall pleasant experience, or do you wish that you had waited? Was it a moment in your life that you would like to experience all over again?

gay friends
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do you have gay friends that you hang out with sometimes? coffee, parties, double date, or just hang out as friends, not seeking to get in their pants.


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