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I know a few of us on here like the younger teen but I feel we must be careful not to bring to much attention to it as the board may start to get unwanted attention from the "Naysayers". I know everything posted here is legal (just) but recently we seem to be pushing the bounderies a little to far. I think we are alll able to read between the lines of profiles but when profiles are open about likes (as in preteen boys) I feel we are treading a very slippery slope. Lets keep our board safe from scrutiny and discuss certain fetishes in private. GBT Forever!!

Billy n' Joel's Music Thread
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What is your favorite song or album from Youtube?

Post the link to your favorite song, cover or album from Youtube.

A Daily Pic(k)
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First time with a boy
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What was ur first experience with a boy when u were a kid? My was with me cousin.

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I am a gay

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sundog in the morning looks like two suns rising as i went to work - :) giles

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I really enjoy the cat n dog pics. Anyone who loves animals has a good heart.

As to older n fat people, when I was a young guy about all my close friends were older men who taught me soooo much about life.

slow pages
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My pages are taking a long time to load up. Is anyone else having this problem?

Unsafe sex and my comments
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This is something I have been wanting to talk about with someone for a while so here goes. I have unsafe sex. There, I said it. She I watch videos they have to be be bareback and creampie. I just always have been without protection. I don't feel ashamed, scared or worried at all. I have bee told by older men for a while about how stupid I am. I know the risks and I make a choice. I met someone this week and I have real strong feelings for him. I don't think in terms of love. Love to me isn't real or existent. If he stays with me and doesn't blow the secret that's about the nest I can hope for in my little part of the world. So, here I am exclaiming my stupidity. I let guys go In me. So why post this? Well, the person I met told me he has hiv. He and his brother were infected because of an older cousin that was doing stuff with the brother. The cousin was caught, charged and killed himself. So my feelings this week were completely changed. I was lucky he disclosed his illness and it doesn't change my feelings for him. He's not a top anyway so meeting him was not as much about sex I think as it was about feelings. So then I sat here when I got home from school and I thought about this week, him, myself and my sexuality and why I like risk. He came by and we talked about him and his love of risk. 7 lives were forever changed because 1 person had aids. I'm sitting here in tears maybe a little less cocky, a little less bold and a lot less wanting to practice unsafe sex. I want to grow up and have kids of my own. I want my lover to live a long life with me. I need to learn to stop risky sex and start trying to live safer. So my points to this ramble post? How do you that do raw sex cope or deal with it? Do you care? You won't ever know if the guy you're with has it or not so what do you do to handle it?

A Daily Pic(k)
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Pour les Francophones
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mes amis, essai de blog pour voir si c'est aussi bien que les messages, je vous salues tous et à bientôt

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Have a great and safe weekend everyone.

Gay Couple
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IN all seriousness, from those who have been in a relationship. Whats the best part of a gay relationship?

I have had one night stands, but never a romantic bond. I guess I have not met the right guy yet, but from pictures on this site. Gay couples have this aurora of happiness! The utopian idea of not worrying about pregnancy, knowing what feels good down below since both have the same sex organ, it looks like a best friend with benefits relationship.

Or are my fantasies of gay relationships too optomistic since I've never had one?

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Some advice to fathers
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If you're a father, and your boyfriend isn't, you'd better make bloody sure he knows which comes first.

Back to School!
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Hopefully my whole thing posts, I know the blog thing has been a little glitchy lately...

I've gotten a few notes about keeping people updated with my life, so I'll catch you up. School has started this week, I left home on Friday and made it back to the dorm by Saturday morning. I took my time so I could see the sights on the way, take some pictures, people watch, etc. Just before classes ended at Christmas, my roommate and I took our relationship to a new point - we shared our feelings, we said 'I love you' and made love for the first time. He's the first guy I have been with, so I'm still really new to dating a guy. As confusing as girls were to me in the past, being with a boy has been a lot of unknown territory. Jeremy told me he would be driving in with his parents late Saturday, so I'd get a chance to get our dorm set up before he got there. We didn't talk about it, but I was planning on being there to talk to his parents a little. They don't know about us yet, but I thought I should get to know them, Jeremy says good things about them, so I figured it couldn't hurt. Our friend Lisa came over and she helped me unpack

R.I.P. Frank Wolf.
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Cosplayer Frank Wolf committed suicide at the young age of 20 due to copious amounts of online bullying last year. Well known for his pretty androgynous looks, gaining plenty of fans also gained him unnecessary hate and bullying which lead to his recent suicide. R.I.P. to a beautiful soul.

Well hello...
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so does anyone know when a video gets aproved? i uploaded a video of me doing a cum shot and well... nothing lol im new here so im not sure how this works or if it worked at all..

Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's share our favorites!

Bookmark this blog for future reference:


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For those guys in the UK there is a good TV program on Channel 4 called Cucumber. About middle-aged gay guy in Manchester and written by same guy who wrote Queer as Folk. Well acted, amusing and plenty of eye candy.

shiny Happy
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Shiny Happy Happi

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