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wishing you
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I don't want much for christmas. I just want the person reading this to be healthy. happy and loved! wishing you all a merry christmas

I miss you Chris
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Our friend was in a accident some time ago. As he was riding his bike he was hit by a car. He was in a coma for a week. He is out of ICU now. He needs everyone's thoughts and prayers so he can make a fast recovery.

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some people take this for granted, but it means a whole lot of things, and say a lot of things about a person. I always like to share my love to all my friends on here, and to those that are not here just now, just whispering in someones ear' I love you' you feel your heart misses a beat, sharing is good as well, just to pick someones spirirts up, when saying this little word......just me thinking aloud again

A New Zealand Pastor has admitted sending a hate filled email to well known NZ Gay author telling him "I pray that you will commit suicide".

The pastor, who runs his small church out of his home, says he sent the email because he doesn't agree with the Homosexual lifestyle.

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what you listening to right now on your ipod or car or whatever.......

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

just saying
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Wonderful Coming Out Story
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Just a thought...
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How long did you guys visit the blogs/videos before you made an account? For me it was a long time, but I'm not out.

Maximum hotness
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Maximum hotness
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Hey Guys! Just wondering what your favourite type of underwear is? Type, Style, Colour, Size, Etc.... :)

Music or live action sound?
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I really hate porn with music, don't care much for the ones with no sound either. To me, hearing a guy getting into the action is the hottest. I love to hear some heavy breathing, a few ooows and aaaahs, gasping and moaning. Not so much that it seems fake but just enough to convey the pleasure. Watching a guys face and body reacting to the action is also very hot to me. Does anybody here really like to listen to music while watching a guy jerking or getting sucked off? It really doesn't do a thing for me, just wondering how you all feel.

My slaveboy again
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i'm back
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Fuck me, how long have i been off, feels like forever, whats new on GBT? :p

Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's

run with the fox
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Now the season, now the question
Time to breathe a moment's grace
For the hunter and the hunted
Taking time to break the pace

Are you hopeful? Are you haunted?
By the ghosts of Christmas past?
Face the future undaunted
Step aside or take your chance

Run with the fox into the wind
Onto the dawn of tomorrow
Run with the fox into the wild
Into the wild in the fold

Beware of the rocks and be prepared
Prepare for love comes and goes
Run with the fox

Every year the revolution
One more lost before begun
While we fight our mass confusion
Thus we walk before we run

Run with the fox into the wind
Onto the dawn of tomorrow
Run with the fox into the wild
Into the wild in the cold

Beware of the rocks and be prepared
Prepare for love finally grows

Let us live to tell a story
Here on earth and out in space
Forward on the road to glory
History records the chase

Have yourselves that certain Christmas
Eat, be glad and drink the wine
Leave your sadness by the river
Giving love and given time

Across the ice of frozen lakes, run with the fox
Along the lanes a lover takes, run with the fox
Beneath a moon, a Christmas moon, run with the fox
And sing a tune, a dreamer's tune, run with the fox

Across the bridge of many ways, run with the fox
Onto the place where dreamers bathe, run with the fox
Beneath a moon, a Christmas moon, run with the fox

Russia's authorities have failed to prevent an increase in homophobic attacks, Human Rights Watch has warned. The US-based body said Russia's leadership had reacted to violence and anti-gay rhetoric with silence, and it accused some officials of hate speech. A 2013 law banning gay "propaganda" had led to more attacks, it said. Politician Vitaly Milonov, who authored the first version of the law, told the BBC people found homosexual acts "uncomfortable". The rules ban people from providing information about homosexuality to people under 18. Analysis, by Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, St Petersburg. It was never easy, being gay in Russia, but lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups say life now is even tougher. Since "promoting non-traditional lifestyles" was made illegal, they report an increase in harassment, abuse and even physical attacks. One activist in St Petersburg told the BBC that the new law sent a signal that gay people were second-class citizens, and so gave others a green light to discriminate and even harm. One LGBT support group cited by Human Rights Watch documented more than 300 homophobic attacks last year, over 10 times more than before the gay propaganda law. Fifty per cent of those it interviewed reported psychological abuse.The law's supporters cloak themselves in talk of Russia's Christian roots and conservative, "traditional" values - all increasingly popular here - and often refer to homosexuality as a kind of "perverted" Western import. So far only a handful of people have been prosecuted under the new law, but activists believe that fear is driving Russians back into the closet or, increasingly, to seek a new, freer life abroad. 'Lack of will'. Human Rights Watch detailed testimonies from cities across Russia, with reports of beatings, abductions and public attacks. Tanya Cooper, a Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the authorities were deliberately ignoring such crimes. She added: "Russian law enforcement agencies have the tools to prosecute homophobic violence, but they lack the will to do so." Mr Milonov, a local councillor who first introduced changes to the law in St Petersburg, said: "I want to protect my kids and my family from this dirt going from the homosexuals. "They can do whatever they want in their homes, in the special garbage places called 'gay nightclubs', they can kill themselves with their viruses as fast as possible, but they're not going to do it on the streets because it's not polite and it's uncomfortable for the people." Mr Milonov's local measure inspired a national law which was rolled out after approval by the Duma in June last year.

YMAC "Pleasure Mountain" link not working
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Does anyone have a good video link for YMAC'S Pleasure Mountain they can upload? The current link here at GBT is not working:

Keeps churning but never loads. Tried sending a message to the original poster but apparently they aren't here at GBT anymore. Thanks.

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Xmas stuff
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what is everyone doing for christmas?

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Thanks for being a dedicated member here and a good friend buddy HUGS XO

I love baseball
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war games
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Dirty trick
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Twins Dick
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Have Twins the same size and look Dick?


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